Saturday, February 21, 2009

From Black Tie to Babies: Decorating with Elegant Camellias & Orchids

Social Lions hosted both a black-tie fundraiser and a baby shower in a brief two weeks. Simple, elegant decorating made both events beautiful and cost-effective. We counted on the sophistication of two Southern favorites -- the camellia and the orchid. Fortunately, we had access to some beautiful camellias in two colors which filled over 40 containers for the black-tie event. The outdoor bar tables each had an arrangement surrounded by votives. Inside the house, we used all sorts of antique silver pieces to place shots of color where we needed them.

The orchids contributed to the beautiful atmosphere while doing double duty as a fundraising effort. Guests were able to purchase the gorgeous plants and take them home at the end of the evening. Knowing we had the baby shower right around the corner, the Social Lions saved some for themselves! Not only the flowers worked over-time, but so did a few of the silver pieces....enjoy seeing how we used them.

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